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Silverstein Construction is Green Building  Custom Homes in Sanford's Creek Subdivision in Colfax NC

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“ company was relocating us to the Greensboro area from Pennsylvania. Luckily, my company provided us enough time to make critical family decisions. During our first visit to the Triad, my wife and I were unable to find a built house that we were comfortable with. Given the state of the economy and housing market and inventory, I did not think it would be too hard to do but I was wrong. Once we zeroed-in on a school district, we could not find a home that matched our personal needs. Either the lots were too small and close together  or the home layout was cookie cutter that looked the same in every house we visited. Considering that we had only 9 months before my company enforced the  move, we knew we had to be very efficient with our decision to build and equally confident in our prospective builder’s ability to deliver on our time table.

...Gary was in control of the building process the whole time and even with a little North Carolina snow, was on-time in delivery. We love our home. It is a small community that seems more like an extended family. We know all of our neighbors and try to get together a couple times a year to socialize. The lot sizes are perfect in our opinion (not too large that you feel isolated but enough of a buffer that  protects your personal privacy). We love the 1 mile walking trail around the  perimeter of the development which is a common area for all residents to enjoy, and the schools are excellent.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gary, his wife, and Gil again for providing a wonderful home and community to live in!

William & Jane Forish

“We wanted to build a custom house with some “historical” or “retro” design cues.  Gary was already building houses like this in his neighborhoods in Summerwinds and in Sanford's Creek. We looked at many plans on line and Gary showed us a few of his own which fit our interests. We immediately liked his  thoughtful and honest approach. This being the first time we had ever built a  custom house, Gary actually “coached” us through the process...

Charles & Suzanne Angel

"Gary Silverstein builds homes like if he was going to live in the house himself.  He asks you what you want.  You explain your needs & desires to him and he goes to work.  Every day you get good  surprises.  While our house was still being built, we already very pleased with the quality of Gary's work.  We didn't realize that  construction companies still would build homes with this much attention to  detail & quality ... and with the customers’ needs in mind, at all times.  We are very pleased with his work and would hire Gary all over again."

Andrew and Mylene Duffy

“...thank you for my gas bill savings.  For the past 2 months my gas bills average have been as much as they used to be for my other house, which was 3/4 of our new house.   With the price increase in the gas, I consider myself actually paying less.

Thank you for the energy efficient house; keep building them.”

Rasha Arafa, PMP

“From the moment we moved into our new home, we have been very happy with it.  We love the neighborhood, and we appreciate the fact that many of the trees have been spared.  Also, we just really love the style of  the house, with the green tin roof and front porch, as well as the nice trim work on the inside.  We actually did not know much about the Energy Star rating when we moved in, but since we have been paying the utility bills over the past nine months, we have been very pleased to have that added  benefit.  We really have enjoyed our new home and hope to for many years to come.”

Scott and Mandy Crews

We love these energy efficient homes

(Scott & Mandy in their back yard) 

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