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Silverstein Construction is Green Building  Custom Homes in Sanford's Creek Subdivision in Colfax NC

Gary Silverstein is a Building Performance Institute Certified Professional.

What Makes Us Different?

Building Performance Institute Certified Professional

Silverstein Construction is an Energy Star Partner, building 100% Energy Star Certified homes.

Energy Star Partner

Energy Star Homes have increased comfort and imroved air qualityIncreased Comfort and Improved Indoor Air Quality:   The air quality and comfort level of a Sanford's Creek home exceeds that of homes not built to Energy Star specifications.  Because of the tight construction which eliminates drafts, homeowners can easily maintain the optimum temperature throughout the house.  The tight construction, sealed crawlspace, and interior ductwork also provide improved ventilation while blocking the entry of airborne pollutants, reducing the homeowners’ exposure to respiratory irritants.  With all homes, strong health considerations must be given to controlling healthy air quality with the reduction and elimination of harmful off-gassing and VOC’s.  Products such as paint, varnish, carpet, plastics, plywood, and other composite materials often contain VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are at the highest levels when first installed, but off-gassing can continue for years.   These emissions can be significantly reduced in the first 72 hours through the use of proper ventilation techniques, and with the consideration to use low to no-VOC products available today, and certified through the EPA and CRI.  More detail on this topic can be found in Gary Silverstein’s published article, “Take Care With Fume Emissions” or by discussing your interests in a significantly healthier home with Gary directly.

Every home in Sanford's Creek is an Energy Star HomeEnergy Efficiency: Every home in the Sanford's Creek subdivision will be tested for the EPA’s Energy Star Home Rating and consistently receive the highest 5+ rating.  An Energy Star Rating certifies that the home’s heating, cooling, and water heater systems are at least 15% more energy efficient than comparable built-to-code homes.  The test results verify that houses built by Silverstein Construction are built to be 43% more energy efficient than built-to-code homes.  Silverstein Construction uses several practices to achieve this energy efficient rating.  Preservation of mature shade trees reduces summertime cooling costs.  All exterior bottom plates as well as penetrations to the attic and crawl spaces are caulked.  Duct tests are performed to check for energy-wasting leaks.  Compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs are used wherever possible because they require less energy than incandescent bulbs.  Also, Energy Star Certified homeowners received a 5% discount from Duke Energy on their power bills.

Gary Silverstein has a deep commitment to the environment and the community.Recycling: Trex decking materials used for all the decks in Sanford's Creek are made of recycled materials, and will not weather, splinter, rot, or be damaged by termites.  The insulation is made from recycled newspaper mixed with a flame retardant.  Recycling centers are incorporated into most house designs to make household recycling easier.  Silverstein Construction also recycles as much site material as possible including scrap metal and cardboard, and workers’ drink bottles and cans.

A Sense of Community:   Gary Silverstein has a deep commitment not only to the environment, but to the community as well.  To enhance this sense of community in the Sanford's Creek area, the homes are encompassed by a wooded walking trail.  The trail is shared with an amazing community service organization for the disabled, Horse Power, a neighboring non-profit organization that provides therapeutic equine activities to improve the lives of disabled individuals through activities with horses.

These are not common practices in this difficult economy for builders.  Gary Silverstein hopes that as consumers become aware of these neighborly, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible possibilities for home building, that more homeowners will seek out these attributes.  That would prompt builders to embrace similar practices and have a tremendous long-term positive impact on our living environment.

Less Landfill Waste:  The homes in Sanford's Creek are constructed with as few trees removed as possible.  Small tress that are removed are chipped and used as mulch in planting beds.  Larger trees are sent to lumber mills.  Only stumps are sent to landfills, reducing the amount of traditional lot -clearing landfill waste by about 60%.  Additionally, all building site trash is collected and recycled by WCA.

“What we’re trying to do is be good stewards of the environment, trying to be a responsible builder.  Anytime you’re building a house you have a negative impact on the environment.  By improving standards, maybe we can have a positive impact on the neighborhood.”
Gary Silverstein, President of Silverstein Construction Corporation

(As quoted by Meredith Barkley, staff writer for the Greensboro News and Record in its January 7, 2001 article titled, “Energy Efficient.”)


“Whether embarking on building a new home or remodeling project, keep “green” practices as a central point in the development of a cohesive plan.  With this focus, your home can be a beautiful, comfortable, and healthy dwelling that will reflect the value you place upon our shared environment. (Good Planning Makes for a Successful Project, Special to the Greensboro News & Record, July 10, 2011 by Gary Silverstein)

A previous article in the Greensboro News & Record, June 15, 2008 cites Silverstein Construction in “What It Means to Build Green” as the experts, since Silverstein Construction has been committed to 100% Certified Energy Star construction since 1999, and had been independently implementing environmental building practice since entering the profession.

“We’re promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsiblity.
It takes everyone doing whatever they can to help.Silverstein Construction is a Green Builder near Greensboro NC
The environment is our greater home, and we need to be responsible to it.”

Gary Silverstein, President of Silverstein Construction Corporation
(As quoted by Meredith Barkley, staff writer for the Greensboro News and Record in its April 4, 1999 article titled, “The Natural Look.”)

So how does a builder construct attractive, quality homes, and still remain “good stewards of the environment?”  By using proven energy-saving practices, and paying attention to details.  Silverstein Construction uses Green Building practices in the construction of the homes in Sanford's Creek.  All of the homes are also built to the specifications of the EPA’s Energy Star Home Program .

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